Where if the Best Place to Buy a Condo in Western Puerto Rico?

Isabela or Rincon for a condo investment?

Western Puerto Rico offers a few great areas to own a condo near the beach but which one is the best?  We are focusing on Isabela and Rincon because while there are other beachside towns, these two offer more choices for condo buyers and vacation home investment.

Isabela is a beautiful town built on the cliff over a stretch of beach with a road running along the beach.  Among the beautiful stretch of beaches is a nice long bike path, plenty of good restaurants and on different beach, plenty of condo properties.  It's important to note, that the beaches of Isabela are all very different, some have great surf, some are rocky, other have sand or calmer lagoon type bays.  Your choice for the location should at least in part be determined by what kind of beach you like.

Jobos Beach is the most popular area, but no condominiums. Montones Beach is a very nice, mostly calm bay with a few large condominium developments nearby.  Huadimar Beach, closer to Aguadilla also offers a few different developments.  


Isabela is closer to San Juan than Rincon and is also just minutes form the regional Aguadilla airport (BQN) which has flight from Jet Blue, United and Spirit airlines coming in from Ft Lauderdale, Orlando, JFK and Newark airports, very convenient!

Rincon is further away from San Juan , it is the Western tip of Puerto Rico and offers some very beautiful beaches of it own.  Know for great surfing on its north side, the south actually has much calmer, Caribbean type beaches.  


Most of the condominiums are near Corcega Beach and the Balneario (Public Beach).  Corcega Beach is a beautiful (mostly) calm water beach that lately has been having erosion issues.  Many of the condos on this stretch have had issues dealing with the erosion, especially in the stormy late summer and early autumn months.  Very nice properties, but hard to recommend in light of these issues.


The Rincon Public Beach is also a relatively calm water beach, offering great swimming and cycling, in fact the annual Rincon Triathlon is based here.  It is also close to markets, the rejuvenated Rincon Plaza with it's weekly art walk, farmer's market and host of new restaurants and shops.  Most of the condos are set back from the beach and do not offer the ocean views that those in Corcega do.


We at Isla Vida Real Estate would love to find you the right place for you to by your Puerto Rico condo, whether it is for a permanent move, as a vacation home or investment, contact us today!