What Can $100k Buy in Puerto Rico

This beachfront cabana recently sold for under $100k, located at Buye Beach in Cabo Rojo, showing there are still some great properties at decent prices in Puerto Rico.  


But if you want to spend just $100k, chances are you will not find anything beachfront, even land.  To be realistic, $100k can by an older condo in Rincon at the Hotel Villa Cofresi or about 800 sq meters of land in the hills of Puntas in Rincon, or about land in Aguada, about 1/2 mile from the beach.  


If you are willing to take on a fixer uper, there are more of these types of properties with a pretty good deal of land attached in the hills above Rincon and Aguada, also further inland from the beach in Cabo Rojo, but they are generally not financeable and would need to be a cash purchase.  


If you can increase your budget to about $160k, the properties become much nicer, condos, houses, large lots and investment properties all come into play.  As a buyer's agent it is my job to find your perfect Puerto Rico property whatever your budget.  Our fee is paid by the seller so using a buyer's agent not only saves time, but adds no cost to your purchase!